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Amber Paulen

“‘Dive deep and never come up!’ should be the motto for all who hunger to create in words. For only in the tranquil depths is it granted us to see and hear, to move and be.” —Henry Miller

Descriptedlines is where I write my thoughts, which often lean literarily: thoughts on the books I’m reading and about the ever-enigmatic process of writing. Writing—and traveling and reading—is the way I’ve sought to know the world. And I have begun to know more about writing through doing it. If you’re looking for my CV, the freelance work I do or other things I’ve written, head over to amberpaulen.com.


Certain writers’ works are sown into my life’s fabric: Henry Miller, Simone de Beauvoir’s autobiography The Prime of Life and DH Lawrence. These are the writers who opened me to what writing can be.

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