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Amber Paulen


A fig

Summer’s first figs

How to tell exactly where is the start of a beginning or the end of an end? In books, of course, the distinction is easy: the book begins on page one and ends on page whatever. While writing the book, deciding on where to start and where to end is much more like life in its refusal to be so clear cut. The writer is always aware that narrative is driven by what happens before the first page and aims for an ending that will encapsulate what will happen after the last, even if the direction of the aim is ambiguous.

All this babble is to say: after four years in this apartment: we’re leaving! Whew! I said it.

We’re not going far.

It will be the beginning of a move that will hopefully (depending on the US government) take us through the next year and into a different country (the States), a new city (New York) and a whole new experience (going back to school).

It will be the ending of the view onto San Clemente and of sunsets, swathes of pink clouds in a lavender sky that eventually dims green, and a phase in my life that has been duly sweet.

June is a good month for beginning and ending. There is the summer solstice coming up and the shift to hot weather. There are all the delicious fruits coming in season and adding a feeling that maybe this move will be fortuitous and will see us on to the one we want to make six months in the future.


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