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Amber Paulen

Happy Birthday!

30 May 2008


Four generations To me! One week early! But with the spraying-down and cleaning-up of Descriptedlines I think an early celebration is in order. It’s been twenty-eight years since my mother birthed me, the pretty young woman at the left in the photo, my grandma to the center and my great-grandmother holding me. I guess birthdays are a great time to get sentimental, but that’s not what this post is about. It’s just that all this new stuff makes me so excited.

New Stuff: Thanks Simon! New Stuff: the best being, besides the general clean-sweep, Comments! in the reading notes, past reading notes, future reading notes, why only the reading notes? Well, I think I’m missing out on very valuable opinions, especially opinions of those who are interested in the same, and sometimes obscure, books I read. I think you miss out by hearing only my, sometimes, very strong and singular opinion. In short, I want forward-going conversations about the books I read. I have opened comments in every past reading note”, please feel free to backtrack and add! If I like how comments feel I will expand.

A side-note: All comments go through me first. I will not accept what does not say anything. Such as: “I like what you wrote!” or “I hate what you wrote!” Why why why? Those kind of comments annoy me, especially when reading other people’s sites. I would like to see my writing as a chain, sparking other ideas, a conversation.

I would also like to make the announcement that every Friday on Generous Alphabet I will be writing what I lovingly call: Fridays in Bracciano. If you have ever wondered what a Friday is like in the small Italian town of Bracciano, lived-out by the unashamed and unemployed writer and Simon, the sometimes employed web-designer and photographer, now you can find out!

With that said, enjoy and thanks for reading! Leave a comment! Just for fun!

Amber Ruth

Post Scriptum: in the Help! page I’ve put links to Amazon—which I encourage you to purchase through—to Help! me continue writing.



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