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Amber Paulen

Rama App Tours of Rome

12 April 2011


My list of Rome tours available on the Rama App is slowly growing and, though I talk it up to people I meet as much as I can, a page here would also be helpful. Building these tours has pushed me into Rome like never before, into its history and into its photographs.

Rome is one of the most “historical” cities in the world. The further I go into it, into its ancient civilization, into its art, into its multi-layered past stripped off like an onion’s skin, I realize how lucky I am to be living here, to be stripping off this skin, for it enables closer scrutiny of how I have built my conceptions of Western civilization, a knowledge I have hereto gained mostly by living in it. We owe more to—or could shovel more blame on—the foundations of Rome and Greece than what they owed to a further recessed history. If that’s the case, these tours are my lessons. Like Goethe said, “Rome is a great school.”

What is the Rama App?

The Rama App, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, is a walking tour that lets users travel back in time on a vehicle of photographs and narrative. Follow the map, read the text and compare the present to the past.

What tours have you built?

1. Rome’s Literati: A tour that takes you through Piazza del Popolo, up Monte Pincio and down the Spanish Steps, while detailing the experiences of the famous writers who once lived in Rome.

2. Lost Piazza Venezia: Piazza Venezia swarms with Rome’s chaotic traffic and cowers below the Vittoriano, but once it didn’t. There were quiet and quaint streets, Renaissance towers and famous painter’s houses. In this tour I try to recreate what this area once looked like while unearthing the historical reasons surrounding the demolitions: mainly Mussolini’s fascist ideals.

3. Around the Colosseum: In which I take the user through the 2000 year history of this ancient monument. From the Colossus of Nero to the Arch of Constantine, from amphitheatre to quarry to monument: see the Colosseum like never before!

And Coming Soon: Inside the Colosseum

Are there any other cities and tours available?

Oh yes! Florence, San Francisco, London, New York, Boulder, Colorado, to name a few.

How much?

It’s free to download the app and the tours range from 99 cents to a couple bucks.





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