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Amber Paulen

Rome Writing Group

23 May 2011


December 13, 2013

To writers in Rome:

Thanks for finding my site! In 2011 I started a writing group, somewhat with the help of this webpage, because I couldn’t find anything of the kind in Rome. Our group is still going. We get together once every few weeks to share our work and talk about writerly related things, and non-writerly things too. Although we aren’t taking new members, I am always interested in meeting writers in Rome. If you are too, please get in touch! (Also, if you know of another writing group in Rome that’s open to new members, I would be interested in knowing about that too.)

Happy writing!



Commentary for Rome Writing Group


1 On Tuesday 24 May 2011 Carolyn wrote:

Ooh, I want to join! I want to join! Way to make it happen lady. Can’t wait to see you!

2 On Monday 13 June 2011 Jade wrote:

I’m totally interested. I just gotta finish this paper on the Multidisciplinary Paradigm Characterizing the Twentieth-Century Social Scientific Works of James, Durkheim, Freud, Erikson and Kuhn, and I’ll be ready to rock n roll. Great idea!

3 On Thursday 11 August 2011 Mike wrote:


Sounds rather interesting. Will there be forum (or a blog) to actually publish articles on the Eternal City?



4 On Thursday 11 August 2011 Amber wrote:

I would love to have a place to publish the stories or other writings we finish while in the group, and a hub for blogs written in Rome, but those are my big dreams...

5 On Monday 05 March 2012 Manya Kaczkowski wrote:


I’m a travel writer living in Rome, and I would love to meet other English-speaking writers who live here. My husband and I moved here in Dec., and will be here through June.

Manya Kackzowski

6 On Sunday 09 December 2012 eric maisel wrote:

I am running a Deep Writing workshop in Rome in April that may interest you and the folks you know. You can see more about me at ericmaisel.com.

7 On Wednesday 27 May 2015 Marie Davis wrote:

Hi Writers, We are writers/publishers interested in meeting with literary folks while we are in Rome the week of June 8th — 2015. Please email us for more info. Thanks buckets, Marie and Margaret mmmarie1961ATaolDOTcom


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