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Amber Paulen

So We Go

Into that mammoth, unknown. Outward and forward and upward and onward: Avanti! Sempre avanti! So it goes sometimes, this life, our life. And by our life I mean those of us who cry out to satisfy the germ of discontent that keeps us always pert and on our toes. Contentment is a veritable tranquilizer which the least individualistic of us crave and nurture.

Dear reader, what tidings do I bring to you after a two week break? The future is always one step ahead never attainable. Don’t make babies. Don’t collect too many nicknacks. Remain limber. Travelling is at its best, oil for any limb and at its worst, an over-used metaphor. I’ve got long journeys on my mind though I am temporarily fixed in this chair. This chair is good and this chair is fine. This chair will suit me and my thoughts with wings.

As Kim and Ryan fly over the sweet Mediterranean to Cairo, then further east to Bangkok, then north to Chiang Mai over the course of a most likely exhausting 24 hours I will sit here in this chair from where I may meet them. How exciting! How invigorating! How grand! To be off, with a backpack strapped heartily to one’s back; where the only sure thing is where one has been. (And even that is questionable.) O sublimity, the dream. Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t better.

Meanwhile, I’ll get my writing gears going again right in time to go for a short trip to Michigan. I’ll store my belongings somewhere in Formello not to be unearthed again for a good year. I have good feelings about this year and the feelings are strong. May it be a year for movement!

Until next time, a quote:

All things are in flux, in agitation, everything overlaps and joins with everything else. Even abstractions sweat and grow dishevelled. Nothing is motionless. —Blaise Cendrars, Moravagine


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