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Amber Paulen

The Spinster of Atrani on Front Porch Journal

More than ten years ago I left the States on a one-way ticket. I met many people along the way. One was Grosdana in Atrani. I’m very pleased that her words can be shared beyond just me, as my nonfiction piece “The Spinster of Atrani” was published in Front Porch Journal August issue.

Here’s the first paragraph, and follow the link below for more.

Someone called my name and a figure came toward me—a shadow against the yellow lamplight of the road, and beyond that, of Atrani. It surprised me that someone knew me. I had been in the small town for only three hours and spent most of that time sitting in a damp cove where hearts and initials were etched into stone, watching the grey sky become night and the sea turn black and shimmery.

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