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Amber Paulen


Men waiting at Airport

By Simon Griffee

That’s this blog hibernating. This late winter sees me in full swing. I’ve started up my editing certification courses again and I’m working, working. In two weeks I’ll be in the States for two weeks, and then I would like to start up descriptedlines again.

But I can’t put the blog to sleep without a few notes. Simon has been busy on my professional site: amberpaulen.com. Not that anything will be going on there either, but I might as well start linking to it.

I finished a Carson McCullers spree on Sunday. I first read the massive The Lonely Hunter by Virginia Spencer Carr. It’s a one-stop resource for anything you want to know about the life of Carson McCullers. Her quick success and her intense personality and her struggles with her writings. The only thing I wanted a little more of, and something Bailey’s Cheever biography excelled in, was a breakdown of her works. Carr wrote about them as if the reader had already pored over McCullers’s bibliography, which wasn’t my case. But maybe that’s what drove me immediately from the biography to The Member of the Wedding. A book that’s the opposite in size to the biography, but massive in many more ways. It was one of the most carefully written and drawn out books I think I’ve read. McCullers’s prose seemed so controlled, and the development of Frankie to F. Jasmine to Frances was absolutely exquisite, which made it almost disturbing. It was a novel to come back to, that will reveal more of itself over several readings.

And lastly: Thanks Kimberly for the Addictive Blog Award!

I’m required to say why I write here and I guess the answer is because I hope people will read what I write and somehow be interested in it in one way or another. I’ve had descriptedlines for almost six years and it’s the best place for me to “publish” when I feel like it. I don’t write it for popularity or notice or anything like that. And I might even say I write for that single, devoted reader whom I’m so happy still checks this site. Thanks single dear reader for keeping me afloat!

Unfortunately I don’t have ten blogs I recommend, but I do have some sites that I read:

The Millions My favorite place for book coverage online. Almost more than the articles I like the quick bits from around the web on the lower left-hand side.

John Self’s Asylum Asylum is another place I go for some good reading recommendations. It’s the first place I read about Matthew Kneale, and there are so many other books John Self has read that I would like to dig into too.

Occasionally, in the past, I’ve been known to read Vulpes Libris and Eve’s Alexandria.

And of course, there’s the daily photograph from Simon.


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