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Amber Paulen


It is my great pleasure to introduce the shiny new and somewhat old: Descriptedlines #2! The new look was not spawned by a side-long glance in the mirror, the reflection looked back, it wanted to be “more beautiful.” No! It was the practical problem of moving around that bothered me. I was experiencing a persistent nudge, “This can be more fluid.” Not only more fluid of action, but more fluid for reading, which is the one thing my words want to be: To be read.

So I cried to Simon, “Please!” and eventually he remade it. Thank you! Thank you! And I love it! I hope you will too.

Nothing’s really changed, I mean, the content is basically all the same but for the static pages’ perpetual revisions. We’ve thrown out all the categories, no more fiction, ephemera nor reading notes, it’s all free-sailing, all around. Not that the writing here will change, books read will always be forthcoming and ephemera wasn’t really ephemera anyway. Maybe, as I’ve explained here, my fiction posted will fizzle-out as I reach the long end-stages of The Body’s Long Madness, but maybe not. Recommended Reading has been morphed into Good Books Listed by Author, and I believe it to be a lot easier, helpful and yes, prettier.

If you find something difficult where it wasn’t before, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Last but not least, the top strip of pistachio green is nothing less than the back of my trusty Olivetti Lettera 22, which was previously pictured in the top-right corner. The typewriter still has its presence, almost more, for the color is vibrant and in a way it reminds me of the letter’s silver hammers, the ridges or descripted lines.


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