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Amber Paulen

Departure Imminent

19 February 2010



First here. And then here. First a ten hour layover in Dubai. If only the plane was not going to touch down at a mere midnight, it would be a good walk. Though the plane does touch down at midnight, I hope to still have a good walk. Dubai in the dark may be better than Dubai in the light.

My hope for the site during my two months of travel are as follows: that I will post as often as I can as long as when we have an internet connection, I feel like it; that for the next two months, Descriptedlines will become a journal of my journeys. As of now, I plan on writing long hand into my journal and then transcribing into internet form. We’ll see how it goes. We have no plans. I doubt there will be many reading notes, though, maybe I’ll hit a well of English books while lulling in a hammock. If that’s the case, any writing about reading will certainly remain truer to “notes.”

With all that said: Buon Viaggio! Next installment: Bangkok!



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